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Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction

USA  National Supreme Council of IX


                                        From the Desk  Honorable Robert L. Wade                                              Past Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander 

                                         National Supreme Councilof IX                                                                                                                                                




















 Shares this Message “Togetherness in Freemasonry”      


Freemasonry is engaged in building a temple, a temple not made by hands, but one that is made up of hopes, dreams, and aspiration; the inspired vision of humanity. Every Member should lend their strength, their talents, and their influence to move our organization to a higher level of excellence as 33 degree mason in and far the USA. Also should be dedicated to all charitable and moral programs as well spiritual values. Every 33 degree masons be desirous of more light and a better understanding of freemasonry because its mission is to create and stimulate in human hearts that pure sentiment that springs from a literal and wholehearted acceptance of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.


Further, 33 degree masons should always walk upright before God and Man. Promote a vision of values such as trust and respect, integrity, and professionalism. To be important, you do not have to be famous, but you must matter to something larger than yourself. The abundance of emptiness of your life can be assessed by its impact on others; make that impact positive instead negative. Be committed to your responsibilities and develop a plan, then work the plan.


Togetherness is one of the most powerful elements of Mankind. When used in a positive and righteous way, only goodness and greatness will be the outcome of the goal or goals in which we are striving for in our organization today. It will keep our growth potential as a powerful organization. Without unity and togetherness in freemasonry, our branches will weaken and break. As 33 degree Masons we must continue to add positiveness, trueness, togetherness, and unity for a changing world today.   


We shall always remember those who served our organization well. Therefore in honor of the late Honorable Reverend Roosevelt Franklin 33 degree Illustrious Grand Orator National Supreme Council of IX.


I must say that he served our organization with distinction as a member. He will be remembered for his many services and outstanding performances. He leaves a gap in the ranks of those who have gone far beyond the call of duty serving National Supreme Council of IX.


Fraternally Yours,


Honorable Robert L. Wade 



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