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National Supreme Council of Nine











Hon. Felton N. Ferguson, 33° - Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

Hon. E.W. Seay , 33° - Most Puissant Grand Lieutenant Commander

Hon. Oscar Mack, 33° -III. Grand Orator & Minister of State

Hon. Clyde Bouknight, 33° - III. Grand Secretary General

Hon. Norman Woodard, 33° - III Grand Treasurer General

Hon. Clyde Shepard, 33°- III. Grand Master of Ceremonies

Hon. Charles Barlow,Jr.,  33° - III. Grand Marshall

Hon. Tommy Taylor, 33° -III. Grand Captain of the Guard

Hon. Joseph Hespeth, 33° -III. Grand Recorder

Hon. Robert Wade, 33° - Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander-Emeritus

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